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Our vision is a society where equality of rights translates to social justice and a minimum standard of living for every citizen.

Development in Practice, Gender and Entrepreneurial Initiative (GEI) is a gender-based non-governmental organization that promotes gender justice and equality of rights, inclusive democratic governance and accountability, development of institutions, economic empowerment and the rights of women and girls. GEI also focuses on in-depth research, capacity development, consultancy and policy advocacy.

Since its inception, the organization has carved a niche for itself as one of Nigeria’s frontline gender-based organizations promoting participatory democracy, human rights and active gendered inclusive civic participation through its unique four-nodes Gender Empowerment and Development Organizing Resource (GEADOR) safe space circles at community level.

A key component of our work is women and girls mobilizing, coalition building and collaboration. This is informed by our firm belief that collaboration and collective action not only enhances citizen’s capacity to influence policy at all levels but also promotes national integration and builds citizens cohesion needed for inclusive democratic change.

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